Our Advanced System

Our highly efficient Tribrid-Bioreactor™design and superior end-to-end process is uniquely designed to treat organic byproducts and wastewater from your food or beverage plant without trucking or burdening public waste treatment resources, this creates a positive environmental impact and substantial cost savings. ­PurposeEnergy waste-to-energy plants are built on our robust, uniquely patented, technology featuring self-buffering operation, a small physical footprint and the separation of hydraulic and organic treatment zones. The process cleans the incoming feedstocks by converting the organics, in the wastewater and other streams, into biogas – a renewable fuel.

Proprietary Technology

  • Patented process separates solids retention time from hydraulic retention time​
  • Internal recirculation seeds influent with mature liquor and metabolism generated alkalinity​
  • No pretreatment or solids separation required​ – resulting in greater energy output
  • Robust industrial process with prefabricated pumping skids or modules​
  • RAIN™ remote automation and intelligence system​
  • No internal moving parts to service​
  • >99% BOD removal rate​
  • Low OPEX with minimal chemical use​
  • Net energy positive process​

Automation & AI

Automation reduces labor and improves robustness Our RAIN™ mobile application gives the operator remote access at all times with real-time data. Alerts and alarms are sent immediately to operators via text or email. RAIN™ increases the availability and reliability of the system by leveraging data for better insights to accelerate decision making.  

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