Outsourced Wastewater Operations

Our expertise and success in the organic wastewater processing industry doesn’t end with a successful installation.  We are also licensed wastewater treatment plant operators. Customers frequently consider it more efficient and financially viable to hire PurposeEnergy to manage and monitor their wastewater solutions, allowing management teams to focus more on their core business and realize the economies of scale we provide as a third-party wastewater management resource. When PurposeEnergy is responsible for wastewater system management, we:

  • Provide 24 x 7 x 365 remote wastewater system monitoring
  • Maintain compliance and regulatory reporting
  • Assume liability and full responsibility for meeting discharge requirements
  • Perform ongoing cost analysis/savings reports
  • Become the primary contact with local energy and water authorities

Smart Waste Treatment Design

Food production byproduct and wastewater reuse is imperative to the future growth of global food and beverage producers. Smarter wastewater and byproduct management can be self-sustaining and deliver excellent financial returns. This can be accomplished by outsourcing the investment and operations of wastewater treatment to PurposeEnergy. At PurposeEnergy we design, build, and operate treatment facilities on or adjacent to customer premises, reducing wastewater surcharges, eliminating trucking costs, and producing valuable, saleable renewable energy, thereby creating meaningful impact for all stakeholders.

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